15 Mar 2016

New Indonesia Regulations On the Importation of Controlled Items

New Indonesia Regulations On the Importation of Controlled Items

The Indonesian Ministry of Trade has recently issued Regulation 83/M-DAG/PER/12/2012, which regulates the importation of controlled items. Commodities included as controlled items are food and beverages, traditional medicine, supplements, cosmetics, clothing, footwear, electronics and toys.

Under this new regulation the importation of controlled items can only be conducted by registered importers with a special license from the Ministry of Trade. Failure to provide the license can result in the return of the shipment.

To avoid such incidences, FedEx recommends that customers shipping controlled items to Indonesia obtain all the necessary licenses and ensure all the required documents accompany the related commodities.

FedEx recommends that shippers take note of the following requirements:

To get an importer registration number for a controlled item, the importer must submit a written request to the Indonesian Ministry of Trade with the following:

Copy of the importer identification number (API), customs identification number (NIK), and special importer identification number (NPIK) for the importation of controlled products affected by mandatory NPIK provisions

Company registration certificate (TDP)

Taxpayer identification number (NPWP)

One year import plan, which includes the quantity, type of product, the 10 digit HS code and port of entry

Other key points:

Every import activity for controlled items will be verified at the origin country by a surveyor. A surveyor must have at least five years of import experience, a branch or representatives and a network abroad.

A registered importer for controlled items must send an import execution report every three months.

The license will be revoked for failure to submit an import execution report twice and/or not importing controlled items over a six-month period.

You can find the details of the regulation at this link (Bahasa Indonesia only):